Monday, December 2, 2013

How to transfer Bitcoins from Coinbase

In this example, I am transfering bitcoins from to
Lets say you bought 0.5 bitcoin from Coinbase. You may have to wait a few days until they deposit to your account. Once that happens, you can either leave the money in your account or transfer it.
When you click on "Send Money" the following appears:
You need to enter a bitcoin (or email) address. So you need to know what bitcoin address to move the bitcoin to. The way you find this out is as follows: Wherever you are sending the money to will provide you with the address.
For example, here is a screenshot from
You simply copy the deposit address from BTC-E and paste it in the "send money to" field at Coinbase. Once you do this the funds will transfer. It could take an hour (or longer) for the funds to be confirmed. If you make a mistake and transfer the funds to the wrong address, you will not be able to access the money and you can not reverse the transaction. Be careful.

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